Pros and Cons related to Government Jobs

By : Swati Sharma |
Pros and Cons

Government jobs have gained importance today like never before. This is one area of work for which people are ready to do anything for getting the job. Government jobs are no doubt a centre of attraction for many reasons but one should never forget that there are always advantages and disadvantages attached to everything. The government takes out many vacancies in various sectors, giving an opportunity to many people seeking a government job. Thus, many government jobs are there in the Banking Sector, Railway Jobs, Police Jobs, Teaching in government institutions, etc.

Government jobs always have fixed hours of work with less workload, the better status of living, security in jobs, etc. But not to forget, as discussed before, that everything has advantages and disadvantages attached to it. Therefore, in this article, we will be discussing some of those advantages as well as disadvantages related to government jobs.

After reading this article one will clearly understand the pros and cons which are connected to a government job and then one will be easily able to decide according to his skills and capabilities whether he should go for a government job or work under a private institution. There are always two sides to a coin and one should consider both sides before deciding anything.

Let us have a detailed study on the advantages and disadvantages attached to a government job which one should consider. Following are the various advantages related to government jobs:

Handsome Salary

A government job employee gets a comparatively larger amount of salary for the same work as compared to the one who is working for a private institution. Another important feature is that the employee receives the salary at a fixed time of the month without any delay due to any reason and the employee needs not worry about receiving the salary on time.

Pension Benefits

Another important and attractive feature is the pension which one receives in a government job. A person receives a pension till the time a person is living. This feature gives security to a person and one does not have to work in any other place once he retires or suffers for money.

Social Security

The employees in a government job get salary on time and therefore they enjoy a sense of security in their lives. This is a major tension of employees to get an on-time salary which is relieved in case of government jobs where the salary is given on time.


Another important advantage of government jobs is that one does not need to worry about homes, rents, etc in case of many government jobs. The accommodation is provided by the government free of cost to their employees. This is a great advantage of government jobs.

Medical Facilities

Nowadays medical facilities have become very expensive and it becomes difficult for a person to bear the expenses of the medical treatment and medicines. In government jobs, the employees do not need to worry about it as all the medical expenses of the employee and his family is taken care of by the government.

Now as we have discussed the advantages related to a government job we will move ahead and discuss the disadvantages of the government jobs. The disadvantages of this type of job are discussed below:-

 Work Environment

Though there are many advantages related to a government job, one of the disadvantages is the environment of work. Unfortunately, there are a lot of delays in the working of a government job and people are less likely to complete their work on time.

Difficulty in Getting a Sarkari Naukri

There is a lot of demand for government jobs and as such only a few people manage to get it due to a large, difficult and tiring procedure to get the same. There are many competitive exams, interviews, and many such stages that take a lot of time and hard work. Therefore, it is not easy to achieve the desired results. One needs to be willing to invest a lot of time and have patience and most importantly he/ she should be hard-working.

Working Conditions

The working conditions in terms of infrastructure and environment are not good in our country. Everyone cannot survive in such an environment.

Disrupted Growth

Due to less or no challenges and delayed working structure one might not be able to utilize his or her skills and capabilities in the job and therefore it restricts the growth of a person.


So these are some pros and cons attached to a government job which one must surely think of before opting for a government job. A person should not only see the money or comfort attached to it but should also consider the disadvantages and then decide whether he will be able to work under such conditions or not and then only decide according to his own capabilities and skills that whether he is best suited for a government job or a private job.