COVID 19 Effect – Yes to Sarkari Naukri and No To Private Jobs

By : Swati Sharma |
Corona Effect on Jobs

To put a control on the spread of the Coronavirus the government introduced complete lockdown and the harmful effect of this lockdown could be seen in all the offices, businesses and services. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 12.2 crore employees lost their jobs in the private sector and some people didn’t get their salary for their work. On the other hand, in the government sector, people get their full salary without performing duties during this pandemic days. Whenever the world changes its working patterns, some jobs can be at risk in terms of layoffs/ job cuts, but many more get created. The same will happen now, in a post-COVID-19 world. Now it is the time for everyone to step out and fight with the Covid-19 pandemic. We are suggesting you stop wasting your time, and get prepared for government jobs. To take any decision it is important to consider the positive and negative sides both. In this article, browse the complete pros and cons of working for the Government and apply for a suitable job opportunity at the earliest.

Why Government Jobs?

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Job Security

Job Security is one of the biggest benefits that a government job has over a private one. Sarkari Naukri is more stable and very little chances are there that any government employee will ever lose his/ her job. Masses are fired only if there is a major performance issue or one is involved with some illegal activities. On the flip side, the sad truth of private jobs is they are not secure. You are always at risk! You never know when your organization shows you exit doors. As per the reports, due to the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown, the private sector in India faced major job cuts/layoffs.

Regular Income

People love Sarkari jobs because even if the company you are in is loss-making, your salary is guaranteed every month. The employee receives the salary at a fixed time of the month without any delay. Industries like aviation, FMCG, hospitality, travel, retail, automobile & manufacturing suffered more due to COVID-19. To come out of this dark hole, the private players planned to decrease the salary of its employees.

Post Retirement Benefits

Sarkari Naukri promises that an employee’s future is secured even after retirement. After completing your job duration, at the time of your retirement government provides your pension benefits. They provide you with health and insurance services also. There are many schemes provided by the government to retire employees, like banking and railways continue to provide benefits like travel, stay or medical benefits to employees even after their retirement. If you are working in the private sector, you need to plan and take care of your future after retirement.

Public and National Holidays

One can enjoy more holidays in government jobs in comparison to private offices. You can take casual, earned, restricted, medical, half-day leaves in addition to the gazetted holidays. This is also another reason why people want to go for government jobs. In our country, government offices declare holidays for almost all festivals but private offices do it in a very restricted manner.

Work-Life Balance

Government jobs have fixed working hours, so these fixed working hours in government sector help you plan your day accordingly, while in a private flexible working hours job you may have to work more hours to get the work done. Government jobs also have shorter working hours, so you can maintain a better work-life balance.

Final Thoughts

There was a time when every job aspirant in our country wanted to work for a big private player. But now the picture has changed. Though in the last few decades, the private sector has grown multi-fold, the craze for government jobs in India is still the same. I must say that the one who wishes to settle whole life without worrying about security, promotions and money will opt government jobs as a career. You can enjoy benefits like leave travel concessions, fringe benefits such as newspaper allowance, medical benefits, interest-free loans, maternity as well as paternity leave, travel allowances, educational allowances to children and transfers on request to places of your choice.

Hence in all ways, govt jobs are attractive.